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    Retirement Planning for Teachers and Individuals

    Understand how your pension, social security and investments

    can work together to fund your retirement.

    We have been helping educators with their finances since 1989!

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EFS Advisors

A message from our President!

As financial advisors in Cambridge, MN, we specialize in helping teachers and school employees understand how their pension, social security and investments work together, in addition to providing full wealth management services for individuals.

Welcome to your source for a wide variety of financial services and financial information.

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"Retirement planning is an educational process. It begins just like it did when you learned your ABC’s. EFS Advisors wants you to be “well-read” in the area of financial planning and investment decisions." CEO, Kent Schutte

Our approach and equation is simple – our focus is on you.  We will - help you get on the path to your financial success.  We will - work together with you to get you to your destination, by focusing on your unique goals, values and priorities, by creating a financial plan that is suited to your distinctive situation. 

Our experienced advisors will take a holistic approach to your financial plan, and by reviewing your plan regularly, adjustments can easily and quickly be made as your life changes and evolves, which can impact your financial goals and needs.

In addition, our long history working with non-profit organizations has positioned us as a trusted resource for retirement and pension plans, and helping our clients make better decisions going into retirement, based on their plans and contracts.

Let EFS Advisors take care of you, so you can focus on the more meaningful things in your life.

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