NEA Membercare Program - Medicare Supplement

For more information, please contact William Haigh.

There are 4 important reasons why we think the NEA Program just might be the best choice you can make:

 No Medical Questions

The NEA Program does not require you to answer any medical questions for enrollment in any Plan Option. You cannot be turned down for health reasons! As long as you’re at least age 65, an NEA member in good standing (or her/his spouse or domestic partner), and covered by Medicare parts A and B, you are eligible to enroll in any one of the NEA Medicare Supplement Plan Options. 

Freedom of Choice
The NEA Plan is not an HMO. It gives you the freedom to choose your own doctor or hospital to whom benefits can be paid. 

Lower Rates
The NEA Plan’s rates average at least 15% lower than the nation’s most popular Medicare supplement program. And that means if you already have a Medicare supplement policy, if you switch, it could be like getting more than a month of free coverage this year. 

Added Features
The NEA Medicare Supplement provides all of the same plan options and benefits of other Medicare supplement programs. However, the Program offers you more advantages including discounts on dental care, chiropractic care, vision care, hearing care, and vitamins. 

Plus, You Get Dependability
The NEA Medicare Supplement Program is underwritten and self-insured by the NEA Members Insurance Trust. This means you can count on us to give you the best benefits at the best price since we serve only you, our members, exclusively. The NEA Members Insurance Trust has been serving members with quality insurance since 1978. 

For more information, please contact William Haigh.