Protection Needs – Life and Long-Term Care Insurance

Educators Lifetime Solutions, LLC, a sister company to EFS Advisors, provides expertise on long-term care and life insurance solutions to suit your unique situation.  Our goal is to bring you peace of mind for your health and wealth, by helping you plan wisely so you're prepared for life's unexpected events.

Life insurance is especially critical when you are just starting out with a family, but also has it’s place/purpose throughout every stage in life. 

Long-term care insurance is important when planning for your retirement years, to ensure no gap is left in your health care planning.

Our ELS specialists are passionate about helping you, so you can live the inspired life you’ve always dreamed of and worked hard for.  Contact our team today for more information and examine the best solution for your situation.

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Life Insurance

Employer life insurance policies typically don’t come close to providing the amount of coverage required to comfortably protect your family at a time when it’s needed most.  The LIMRA and LIFE Foundation 2013 Insurance Barometer Study found that 86% of people have not purchased life insurance because it’s too expensive, yet they’ve overestimated the true cost by over 2 times.  Don’t let your assumptions prevent you from exploring the options available, to protect the ones you love.  Properly positioned, the benefit from a life insurance policy can provide a steady stream of income for your family and/or beneficiary(s), covering expenses such as:

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Long Term Care

The challenge with living longer is planning for health care in retirement.  With the median cost of a private nursing home room toppling in at $84,000/yr. [Source: Genworth 2013 Cost of Care survey], without proper planning, these expenses can deplete your retirement savings pretty darn quickly.  Since your health insurance and Medicare will not cover an extended stay due to a chronic illness or disability, by investing in a policy, this will transfer a portion of the risk of long-term care expenses to an insurance company, helping to protect you and your loved ones from potentially devastating expenses.  We can help offset those costs through the various long-term care and life/long-term care combination products, depending on your unique needs and situation. 

In addition to providing a flexible policy that meets the needs of your unique situation, we also understand the complexities of accessing and using your policy, so we’ve partnered with Lifesprk, a proactive company with a whole person approach.  Lifesprk helps you remain in control of your health and wellbeing while helping to ease the burden and stress of family caregiving.  Click here to Learn more on how Lifesprk is sparking lives!

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